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Creating that unmistakable English oil finish with Rapid Oil & TS-95

Rapid Oil and TS-95 are used in conjunction with each other to create that unmistakable English oil finish. Suitable for new stocks or improving existing ones. 

Shake the bottle of rapid oil well before use, apply a small amount of Rapid Oil to your fingertip by placing your index finger over the opening and inverting the bottle. This will allow a small amount of the rapid oil product on to your finger tip. Start evenly spreading the oil in straight motions along the stock or forend spreading it over the entire surface avoiding the chequering. Repeat this oiling process until a complete and even covering is achieved over the stock and/or forend.

Allow the rapid oil application to stand until tacky (approximately 1 to 2 hours, temperature dependant) during this time some of the oils will penetrate below the surface (usually first coats, the remainder will have become tacky on the surface. At this point take a piece of a cloth (ideally cotton) and apply a generous amount of TS-95 to the cloth. Remove all the surplus rapid oil with the TS-95 impregnated cloth using the same straight motions.

This is the first step in building up a surface sheen, allow the stock to harden overnight, preferably in a warm dry atmosphere, then simply repeat the oiling process. You will find that with each application of Rapid Oil & TS-95 that the surface build up of oil will steadily improve. We recommend that a maximum of two complete application processes are completed within a 24 hour period. When the stock is to your liking allow it to thoroughly harden before use in the field. 

Existing stocks already oiled, should first have the surface lightly cut back with very fine steel wool or wet/dry paper. 

CAUTION: When using Rapid Oil be aware of the temperature, the higher the temperature the faster the oil will dry. If by accident the oil is forgotten and is allowed to dry out it will be very uneven, if this should happen remove the oil with methylated spirit. 

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