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Trade Secret TS-95


TS-95 is used in conjunction with Rapid Oil to create that unmistakable English oil finish. Suitable for new stocks or improving existing ones. 

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Instructions for use: Using a piece of a cloth (ideally cotton) and apply a generous amount of TS-95 to the cloth. Remove all the surplus rapid oil with the TS-95 impregnated cloth using the same straight motions.

This is the first step in building up a surface sheen, allow the stock to harden overnight, preferably in a warm dry atmosphere, then simply repeat the oiling process. You will find that with each application of Rapid Oil & TS-95 that the surface build up of oil will steadily improve. We recommend that a maximum of two complete application processes are completed within a 24 hour period. When the stock is to your liking allow it to thoroughly harden before use in the field.

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