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Trade Secret Rapid Oil


Rapid Oil and TS-95 are used in conjunction with each other to create that unmistakable English oil finish. Suitable for new stocks or improving existing ones. 

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Instructions for use: Shake the bottle of rapid oil well before use, apply a small amount of Rapid Oil to your fingertip by placing your index finger over the opening and inverting the bottle. This will allow a small amount of the rapid oil product on to your finger tip. Start evenly spreading the oil in straight motions along the stock or forend spreading it over the entire surface avoiding the chequering. Repeat this oiling process until a complete and even covering is achieved over the stock and/or forend.

Allow the rapid oil application to stand until tacky (approximately 1 to 2 hours, temperature dependant) during this time some of the oils will penetrate below the surface (usually first coats, the remainder will have become tacky on the surface. 

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